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Hi, I've done a search for this topic but it only produced a couple of similar threads that turned into debates and smart-guy banter. :rolleyes: So I'm really interested in legitimate responses to this as it's something I am genuinely interested in. :)

So I have a DII that I use off road and I am getting into welding and metal fabrication so I figured I would use the opportunity of combined interests and make some belly protection.

Do any of you have measurements, plans, traces, templates or any other information that can be used for fabricating:

A front skid plate or steering guard,

Frame sliders, not rock sliders but those other smaller sliders that go up under the frame,

A rear skid plate or gas tank guard,

Cat guard or Exhaust guard

Did I miss anything? Not counting diff guards.
Has anyone else done similar and have suggestions or tips?

Thanks for your help. Figure it's worth asking here before I go crawling underneath and trying to take the measurements from scratch and mess about with the cardboard cutouts! ;)


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Well I don't have any templets but I can tell you how to make some of your own if you would like. This they would be your own design as well.
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