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Slack Steering

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Disco2 HSE 2004 - 15000 miles
I've notice sometimes that when I pull up and turn off the engine the steering wheel seems to have about 5-10 degrees of slack and that it is no longer connected to the road wheels. Is this normal or should I get it looked at? :beer:
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Slack Steering.......

When you turn your engine off the power steering is not working. What you are seeing 5-10 deg's I would say is normal with no power steering.
Does it feel ok when running?
To be safe, run the engine at idle in Park. Have someone move the steering wheel while you watch underneath. With the power steering working you should see the steering bars move left & right pretty much at the same time as the wheel is being moved.
This test will also give you a chance to check your tie-rod ends for any excess movement in the joints.

Good luck,
Andy :)
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