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Slipped Liner... Options?

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So, after spending a good amount time rebuilding my top-end I found out today from my LR mechanic (independent) that cylinder 6 failed a leak-down test and the spark plug was wet. Here's a quick list of the work I just did on it...

Head gaskets
Machined heads 10/thousandths to a mirror finish
Complete valve job
New 8mm wires
New spark plugs
New radiator
New t-stat
New hoses

Was wondering what my options for getting this fixed are and if anyone has any opinions? I'm leaning towards just remanufacturing the block with top-hat liners, new front cover, etc... and reusing my newly fixed top-end.

Before I go spending $6K+++, please send me some ideas!!

Thank you all!
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I had a similar issue and replaced my engine with one from Turner engineering. That was 3 maybe 4 years ago and it has held up well. Rover V8 Engines for Range Rover, Discovery and Defender, remanufactured and new options available
I bought a long block, regular cam and installed it myself. I rebuilt the original engine to solve oil pressure issues then had a slipped liner a year or so later.
About 25000 miles on it. No regrets. Get a new water and oil pump included with the engine.
On second thought; I do have a regret. I regret that I did not replace the engine sooner and wasted so much time and effort trying the resuscitate the original POS.
If you throw in a new long block complete with a new oil and water pump. Along with the new rad and hoses you mentioned everything else is small potatoes.The transmissions seem to be fairly durable.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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