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Slipped Liner... Options?

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So, after spending a good amount time rebuilding my top-end I found out today from my LR mechanic (independent) that cylinder 6 failed a leak-down test and the spark plug was wet. Here's a quick list of the work I just did on it...

Head gaskets
Machined heads 10/thousandths to a mirror finish
Complete valve job
New 8mm wires
New spark plugs
New radiator
New t-stat
New hoses

Was wondering what my options for getting this fixed are and if anyone has any opinions? I'm leaning towards just remanufacturing the block with top-hat liners, new front cover, etc... and reusing my newly fixed top-end.

Before I go spending $6K+++, please send me some ideas!!

Thank you all!
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Did you go with a long block or short and reuse your heads? Performance cam?

Did you do the work yourself?
How many miles on your new Turner engine? Any regrets?
On second thought; I do have a regret. I regret that I did not replace the engine sooner and wasted so much time and effort trying the resuscitate the original POS.
LOL - Love it :)

Another question for you (thank you for taking the time BTW)...

If I'm going to put this much money into this truck, is there anything else BIG that is prone to fail on these rigs? I'd like to keep upgrading it and keep it for another 5-10 years, but not if the tranny, t-case, or some other part of the system is prone to failure with a high-cost of repair. Any thoughts on that?
Is it worth rebuilding a 2003 Block? Some local LR owners mentioned that the 03-04 blocks are so bad (porosity), that they wouldn't spend the money to rebuild them.

My thought was to get new top-hats installed on my current block. Q&E Machine Shop in california will do the work for $1500, which includes the top-hat liners installed including an high-temp o-ring on the bottom. They will of course inspect the block and weld any cracks they see under the liner.

Anyone feel like that is not the best option and I should scrap the 03 block entirely?

I've spec'd out the entire job at around $4K for the parts and machine work. That includes rebuilding the block with top-hats, new sump, timing gears & chain, front cover, water pump, all new bearings, camshaft, recondition rockers with new shafts and rockers, and new lifters and push rods.
What's a cannibal short block run?
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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