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Slipped Liner... Options?

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So, after spending a good amount time rebuilding my top-end I found out today from my LR mechanic (independent) that cylinder 6 failed a leak-down test and the spark plug was wet. Here's a quick list of the work I just did on it...

Head gaskets
Machined heads 10/thousandths to a mirror finish
Complete valve job
New 8mm wires
New spark plugs
New radiator
New t-stat
New hoses

Was wondering what my options for getting this fixed are and if anyone has any opinions? I'm leaning towards just remanufacturing the block with top-hat liners, new front cover, etc... and reusing my newly fixed top-end.

Before I go spending $6K+++, please send me some ideas!!

Thank you all!
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im getting a cannible v8. Rebuilding mine wasn't an option as I picked it up after the previous owner had thrown a rod and after removing the engine my current block is pretty chewed up. Steven at cannible is a really cool guy and answered all my questions. So I think it's really gonna take a guy that rebuilds them to test and see if yours is up to snuff
I'm not sure what a short block will run you, but this is what you get for 5,450

• Reconditioned / Pressure Tested Al V8 Late Model, Cross Bolt, 4 Bolt Main Block, NEW Component Parts: Machining & Install of High Performance Top Hat Sleeves, Main, Rod & Cam Bearings, Racing Quality Chrome Moly Rings, Head Gaskets, ARP Head Stud Fastener System, Performance Profile Camshaft, Timing Chain / Gears, Front Cover / Oil Pump, Reconditioned Harmonic Balancer Mounted (If Applicable), Engine Block Surfaced to meet RA Spec. 90 degrees to crank, Exclusive Engine Block Water Jacket Hot Seal Process & Pressure Test, Heads Reman to CV8 Specifications (Surfaced to RA Spec., NEW Springs, Retainers, Seals), One piece Hyd. HP Lifters, Reconditioned Solid Push Rods, Reconditioned Al Pistons, Wrist (Gudgeon) Pins, Steel Rods, Pressed to Offset Spec), BALANCED Rotating Assembly, Made In USA….
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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