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Hi, apologies if this is a common question, I have read through the forums here but haven't found the same problem.

So I recently got tired of tooling around in a small Volvo (the GM type not the old genuine Swedish :smile) and having spent all summer getting my Lightweight back on the road after a 4 year long hiatus, I thought what could be smarter than buying a 15 year old Disco?

Fast forward a few weeks just and the ACE warning light came on. At low speeds when on bumpy ground or when leaning heavily through a roundabout I experienced the rear suspension dropping fast on one side then quickly raising itself back up while the opposite side seemed to drop as the first went up, then the vehicle levels out. This has only happened at low speeds. I had to take the Disco to my nearest Land Rover authorized workshop* so I drove on the motorway for about 1/2 an hour there, then 1/2 an hour back without issue except when cornering on a roundabout and once on a very potholed section of road when the leveling thing happened.

I should add, the ACE light came on the first couple of times and then on the way to the workshop I stopped at work, when I started the ignition again the ACE warning was off and the SLS light was amber.

*At the LR auth-workshop: after waiting 4 weeks to get an appointment (Christmas & New Year hols, but still...) the mechanic (I have other names for this person as you will soon understand) reads the fault code and tells me they need to change the ACE filter. OK. Except they can't do it for another 2 weeks. Ok. I agreed because with the rear end effectively bouncing up and down and swinging the car from side to side I didn't feel safe driving it. Two weeks later the ******** ar*e tells me he changed the filter to no effect and he can't run Testbook again because as of the end of the month they are stopping doing LR and have already ditched the diagnoses equipment. So the place refuses to continue with the job. He could have saved me 6 weeks and told me all this at the start of December! So I got the vehicle back home and have googled and read until my brain hurts.

If you read this far, thanks, getting to the point now :wink

So tonight I took what I know from these forums and put it into action! I have thought the Disco was sitting high up, and I couldn't remember hearing the suspension system going when I parked, so I went out and did the "off road mode through the window" thing. Nothing. I assume that means the disco is sitting at max height already? Is that right? After driving when I turn off the ignition it remians at the height it was at, and I don't hear the compressor working or indeed anything at all. Would a faulty height sensor shut the entire system off?

This all started when I heard what I thought was a noise from the exhaust, maybe a loose manifold I thought, like an intermittent choking/sputtering from under about where the handbrake is when heard from inside the cabin. My local garage looked at it, but when they found out was ACE/SLS they just said to take it to LR because the y don't have Testbook or similar for this model. Looks like I'll have to fix it myself. Could this noise, given where it sounds like it's coming from be from the compressor?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks for reading this at all, and thanks for the wealth of info on here!:grin
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