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My 2007 Super Charged Rover was making a terrible squeaking noise in the right rear wheel well. I suspected something was wrong with the automatic suspension because when I put the truck in park and turned it off it would squeak as it lowered itself... Long story,it was in the shop for other things and I was told tech couldn't hear the squeak.. Drove home, I hear the squeaking.. Ugh.. Make another appointment to bring car back but in the meantime the squeaking miraculously stops.. Since then smoke was coming out of same rear wheel well then I hear a hissing noise coming from the front right wheel well.. It sounded like a punctured tire but it wasn't .. Then I get a suspension warning, max speed 30 MPH.. I pull over, turn car off.. Start it back up and it drives fine.. No fault message.. I park the car and the auto suspension lowers the car.. It was tilted far right onto the front right wheel and was very lopsided.. My husband drove it to the shop very slowly and lopsided... Dealership says they can't find what is wrong with it..
Please Help
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