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Thanks for the advice on the 300tdi everybody.
have now bought it! everyting ok apart from eccesive smoke from engine! its done 101000miles with full history,and its a automatic, noticed when i followed it home in my wifes car when she acclerateded off there was a lot of black smoke is this normal or should i worry? and is it easy to fix?

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Sounds like it might be running to rich, could be timing or dirty injectors.
Mike J.

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The tdis do tend to be a bit dirty especially when cold,when pulling away it takes alittle time for the turbo to get up to speed just a second or to but it is enough to cause a bit of clag (smoke) it is ok as long as it does'nt do it when the turbo is up to speed on the move etc.This will also happen if a light throttle position has been used and the engine is "off the turbo" for any period if the throttle is then opened the turbo will again take a little time to catch up the smoke should then clear.

Worse case scenario is a lazy turbo which I doubt if it has service history and only 101k on the clock.

Mebbe the missus has a heavy right foot (mine has) :dunno:

Also check the condition of the air filter element if this is dirty get a new one as this can make a BIG difference to performance and economy.

Cheers ONz :drive:
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