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Smoking engine!!!

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2001 Discovery 2 SE 150xxx miles, automatic.

The engine is smoking from what looks like the valve cover area on both sides. Right side seems to smoke more than left. Also smoke is coming from oil filler when the cap is removed. I don't notice any sort of cracks at the manifolds or block. I tightened down the 12 point screws on the covers as there is some oil seepage. At this point I haven't done a compression test. Any ideas/input is greatly appreciated!
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check the cats if oil is leaking on them.
Thanks for the reply! So I checked the cats and they don't seem to have any oil dripping on them and no smoke originating from them. I noticed that the smoke was coming more from the back of the engine. Smoke from tailpipe. Also started to develop a knock. Put it in Reverse and the knock became slightly louder effecting the idle and almost stalling. At that point I shut it down. Head gasket?
Smoke or steam? Does it smell like anti-freeze? How's the fluid level in the overflow tank. Just based on your info, it sounds like a head gasket.
Bad head gasket wouldn't cause a knock like the one you're describing. Low oil pressure would.

Is the "smoke" really blue/black oil smoke or white steam that smells sweet? That'll help us diagnose the issue.

If it's steam, your HGs are shot. If it's smoke, you've probably experienced low oil pressure due to damaged oil pump gears and there's a good chance that your engine is beyond salvage - particularly because you've been running it trying to diagnose the problem.

What does the coolant look like? What's the condition of the oil? Can you do an oil pressure or block pressure test? You're running out of "cheap" diagnostic options and it might be time to take it to a shop.
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