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Snow Tire Recommendations ?

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whats a good tire for deep snow ? tall and skinny ? deep lugz ? and brand ideas ? just curious.......... :rellye
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I have 235 85 16's BFG AT's...... I love them..... They have never failed me in snow........ When it gets deep however (anything above 12") for long periods(over a mile) My friend does better with his 33 X12.5 BFG MT's....... But it depends what you want in a tire, On snow covered roads, plowed roads, and not deep snow I do far better......... I have chains as backup ifneeded, but I yet to use them...........

My tires cut into the snow where he floats, I prefer the cut because I can turn when wanted more often!!!

Here is my truck with the AT's in Snow

Here is both of us!!!

Here is his..
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Badger1 said:
Won't stand up to a true snow tire.

They do everything I need........ Those nokians are sweet looking though.. I wouldn't need the studs though!!!! How do they do off road? I have been really impressed with what the BFGAT's can actually handle!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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