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Hi all - I've got the classic 'half-a-crush-can-cover' and 'hole-in-my-lower-diffuser' problems on my '95 LWB. This is the problem where you remove the brush guard and realize you only have the outer halves of the crush can covers and holes in the lower diffuser for the mounting. To illustrate:

I'm interested in somehow addressing these problems, but I need some questions answered.

- The '94-95 front bumper has an integrated mount that is different from previous year designs
- bumpers which HAD the brush guard have a hole cut into the lower plastic bumper fairing in order for the brush guard brackets to pass through
- the '95 (if not also the '94) came with crush cans welded on the front bumper, also different from previous years
- these 'soft dash' models have 2 factory configurations: 1) WITH and 2) WITHOUT the brush guard
- factory models WITHOUT the brush guard came with full-width crush can covers
- the full-width crush can covers are about as rare as rocking horse poo
- Bearmach makes/made a replacement lower diffuser which I prefer the look of:

1) If I have a bumper mounting bracket from a non-soft-dash classic (and another old-style bumper), will it bolt up to my soft dash's bumper mounting holes? (pic of said bracket)

2) Are the lower diffusers all the same across all Classic which had them? I'm trying to figure out if I can buy this Bearmach diffuser and fit it to ANY Classic bumper, including my current one, that came with a factory diffuser of the same style

3) By the power of Grayskull, does ANYONE know where I can get a set of full-width crush can covers, because I'm sure if you can find some for me, I will trade you for some rocking horse poo
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