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I had kept the RRS for a few years and liked it, but it was a LUX w/ all options and I was almost afraid to use it, get it dirty, throw the dog in it, etc.. the few times I needed it to haul it was too small, and it had some cosmetic problems that I didn't want to bother with.. found a pretty rare LR3 for sale (well around here at least, white '06 HSE w/ RSE and running boards, roof rails/bars, etc - very clean, 87k miles).

So now I've got two.. I just finished rebuilding the '99 with facelift front after a collision a few years ago, so the "stable" is complete for a little while. :)

Guess I'll be hanging around these parts for a bit.

Fortunately many of the mechanical issues relate to both models, and I think this one needs all the TSB computer module updates as shifting is clunky and some modules do weird things, like the sunroof auto close closes then continues into "tilt".

Another funny thing I noticed is that the adaptive headlight calibration movement is different and faster on the LR3.

So far I need to fix tailgate rattle, the passenger side center console vent by NAV is stuck closed, and the console cooler box doesn't work (fuse is good).

Will be throwing on Garvin half rack and LR raised air intake next week. :cool:

Just finished installing the trailer electric kit from the RRS into LR3 - for the record (not sure anyone has tried) it does work perfectly fine, but instead of replacing the OE tail light harness as well, the LR3 only requires the install of the trailer harness - so I was able to cut the tail light plugs and tape everything up to fit behind the light, everything else installed normal but plug location down in bumper for the trailer plug harness wasn't ideal (above rear muffler / harmonic "swing" weights.) The RRS towed like a freaking dream so I'm assuming the LR3 will be even better w/ longer wheelbase.


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I think the LR3 is a better deal then the RRS you are getting basically the same car with more room.
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