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hello !

Previously i had a 97 Discovery LSE 201,062 miles, got all the bugs worked out of it over the years, became pretty familiar with the drivetrain , electronics of this model . Had to sell, as it was in a 4 car collision, drove away from the wreck with a damaged left front wing, replaced the outer fender hammered out the bumper and inner wing to straighten out, but quit starting one day electrical bugs from lack of inner wing wheel well ( rusted away so everything was splashing inside the engine bay ) a sad day.

a year later,Recently purchased a 1995 Land Rover Range Rover LWB ( came out of the sticks so it has a lot of "yeehaw" repair work ) with 247k (highway miles) a few dings here and there, a 4.2L with minor rear main seal and valve cover leak, no tappet or lifter noise, although looking at oil refill cap entry lots of dark brown gunk in the cap and varnished filler entry. automatic transmission no slips no leaks ! transmission fluid is a light brown color ,with 3" lift ,new wheel bearings,fuel pump,steering box,spark plugs. EAS replaced with Coils and some electrical bugs.has dealer service stamps up to 65,000 miles. I have some questions about this vehicle, since it has lucas electronics.

How similar are the discovery and range rover classic of this year ?
How much more life can i expect out of this vehicle with this many miles ? engine differentials and transmission?

Electrical bugs
Power memory seat and mirrors drivers side does not function. any remedies?
CD changer Error, does dust catch itself inside the unit ?
Drivers side mirror fails to go down with the lights on.
Blower motor is connected to a wire that plugs into the cigar lighter(yeehaw mechanic :) )
traction control light keeps coming on this has only H and L ,does the CDL still engage on its own ? (discovery had a 4 position CDL lever and no TC , much better feature in my book) can i convert it to a 4 position unit ?
How to operate the onboard OBD Display and reset codes ? check engine light recently just came on after trying 87 octane fuel just to see how well it runs.
EAS switches keep flashing( can i pull the plug on the eas ecu?)

Interior bugs

windshield has a crack on passenger side, but still works,lovely feature. cost to replace ?
headliner is in great condition, but sagging. any tips on replacement glue?
sunroof is leak free and drain tubes are in good condition , but cloth keeps rolling itself back.
Cleaning oil/rust stains recommendations? This has high pile soft carpet compared do the discovery's low pile tight weave carpet (whats safe what isnt?
wood veneer is cracked with raw wood showing in some areas,i can work with wood. easy to refinish ? its much different than the discoverys 3m veneer.
the CDL hi/lo cap needs glue keeps rattling and moving around
where to find matching real wood for the rest of the dash such as vents and how to remove some pieces? discovery didnt have the solid wood skateboard like this model. window switches and shifter piece were separated
leather is surface cracked on the seats (any tips?) the leather is quite abit different than what was in the discovery.this leather feels like connely leather has piping, similar to a connely leather purse. i used neatsfoot oil/lexol/saddle soap/ mink oil and conditioners on the discovery.

Exterior bugs
3 broken door handles and the rear window doesnt lock. are there replacements for these paddle door handles? their all broken in the same spot. if im not mistaken these were used as "interior" door handles for the morris cars of the 70's.
Clear Coat white spots
dents and how to remove them, one area where he stabbed with a flathead screwdriver
he used the wrong color paint pen on the scratches "he missed the scratch" (how to remove this so i can put appropriate color and clear coat back in place ?)
rear tailgate big dent
how to remove some of the panels /can i drill out the rivets and use bolts instead for replacement panels ?


the good
New wheel bearings
greased driveshafts with grease fittings
no swivel pivot leaks
no leaks at the transmission or steering box (replaced box and bushings)
New distributor cap plugs and wires (discovery had coil packs)
the bad
What kind of wear can i expect in the rover 4.2L ? seems to be of better quality than the 4.0 gems variant that the discovery had, ex. perkins crankshaft etc, so far no minimal tappet or lifter noise,
I had no issues replacing the transmission fluid/filter in the Discovery @ 180k as the zf 4hp22 is pretty rugged and can handle the fluid change, however, any variances between the one on the RRC and Discovery ? gut instinct tells me its safe but thought to ask? its light brown
Rear Diff leaks a little
ease of replacing valve cover gaskets
Needs exhaust resonator has a big hole in the back, can i run new pipe to the silencer ignoring the resonator?
How to clean the varnish and "possible" gunk inside , the filler cap area is filthy brown. The engine runs great in this truck, (mostly highway miles)but what are the potential wear spots, bearings tappets lifters etc.discovery was a little different . it was whistle clean, Seafoam appropriate for this truck?
how porous are the blocks in the 4.2s vs the gems 4.0s? had issues with coolant leaks in the discovery from the block.
timing chain potential stretching with this many miles?

needs left front shock bushing
where can i safely drill grease fitting spots on the ball joints?(this should be standard on all vehicles) just me and my grandfathers two cents for a 50k car.
any recommendations on how to keep the floor from rotting ( discovery had a serious problem with floor rot at the foot wells and loadspace ) so far this one has a little bit on the drivers side wheel well but not concerned (spot weld metal pieces ok for this area ?
advice on how to clean gunk on the engine bay and keep clean after gasket replacement on valve covers? refinishing paint on valve covers?

last but not least.
Is the land rover logo on the grille supposed to be adjustable?it moves from one side to the other depending on how much wind it picks up or is a "feature" :)
with the 3" coil lift , what are my departure and horizontal angles with this add on ?
and how to sync the remote lock/unlock with the truck ?
How easy is it to convert the onboard compressor for a standard air connector , to make it possible to air up the tires from the pump ?

Overall , this vehicle is highway safe, doesnt overheat , transmission doesnt slip and is comfortable to drive.


To access the fuel door, i have to repeatedly tap with my fist the flap door to open the lid
The Door handles go "crack" in the winter time and then leave me stuck outside is that why the sunroof gets stuck open, just in case all 4 door handles break , if im not mistaken, again, these were interior door handles from the morris cars, designed to be engaged, and pushed outward on the door, not pulled from the outside , were these left over from 20 years before that?
the seat belts are bolted to steel wheel wells, welded to aluminum? wtf ?
"borrowed quote"It envies the exxon valdez in oil spills in the driveway.
Im glad the air bags were replaced with steel coils, failure of the positioning sensor might result in competing with low riders in mexico city.
The leather was cut from dehydrated middle eastern cattle. the meat mustve been really tough.
The Power window switches are from mercedes, probably given away as a tax write off?
The Power window motors are from Renault ? designed for a sedan, not an suv. another tax write off ?
The tin Key Bends and Twists in the steel locks so it has to be straightened out with a vice "daily"
I have to use premium fuel or i get a misfire, your defintely getting your "bang" for the buck in fuel costs
its obvious to note they didnt change the body style for 25 years, on account of the tax write offs from the donators.
Im not surprised the previous owner stabbed this with a screwdriver whilst trying to replace the wheel bearings.
i can only picture the queen of england driving one of these , breaking down, slapping her matching purse against the fender panels and walking down the road waiting for a ride in a flatbed.
last but not least, you cant bring up the flaws and issues this vehicle in a conversation with your buds on account of losing the valuable hierarchal prestige on the road for the original reason you bought the damn thing.
Its the experimental contemporary welders dream project,you can weld the door paddles back together,the wheel wells or the engine block if it cracks for that matter to keep it on the road longer.
im glad if i have a scratch on the top of my head, the sagging headliner can itch it for me.
This one has moss growing inside the rear vents. i think it might be best if i weld the hood,the doors,and fuel flap shut, and spare someone the indignities of repairs.
i cant think of how many times the blower speed adjuster knob has popped off and jumped kinetically into an unknown area, whilst looking for other problems, and then i find it when i dont need it.
It has a clamp with a wire attached to a bolt on the fire wall, that wire, goes into the floor board, loose and unnattached , ill keep it there , just so i have something to laugh at to keep a positive appeal about this truck.

i miss the discovery with all its flaws, the only problem i had with it were the rear taillights ceasing to function in the cold, receiving a ticket, then coming back on after the police drive away! then chunks of steel falling down around the vehicle below it where the wheel wells were i couldve cashed in the scraps at the recycling center and bought a case of beer from the pieces that fell from this vehicle .

many thanks for any advice received , need some help and pointers :)


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