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recently purchased a 2005 rover. I am experiencing tremendous vacuum in the crankcase. On the trip back to Michigan from Az. it went thru 15 quarts of oil. I stopped at a dealership in Tulsa and they changed the oil seperator and I went on my way. It didn't fix the problem and I went back to get the system checked again. They seemingly thought they fixed problem and again I was on my way. The problem still exists. It even makes a whirling noise when vacuum increases. Noise will quit when I take off the oil filler cap. Any ideas?
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Your description sounds like a p.c.v. System fault. Stuck valve? I am not familiar with the layout of the system on a 2005 though
Leaking oil? or burning oil? Or both?
Thanks.....Today it has been smoking like a fog bank. Must be a valve stuck like maybe the pcv valve perhaps.
It is smoking today as thick as a fog bank. Something has got to be stuck. Makes a whinning noise till I pull the dipstick and then the noise quits. Does a pcv valve cause all these thingas to happen?
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