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My first post. Hopefully it make sense.
I own a Defender 110. I've had it since 2003. Most of the time it has sat in a covered garage. As I am sure you know, it comes with running boards that look like this:

After taking a closer look around the truck last weekend, I was really disappointed to find that the running board on the passenger side experienced a significant amount of rust:

What I find interesting that only the passenger side has rust and the outer side/pipe of the running board. The inner one has no rust out all and the driver side one is completely free of rust.
That got me thinking. If the rust was caused by the environment, I would epxect that both set of running boards would have some rust, perhaps not equal amount but some. Since that isnt the case I am wondering if something corrosive has been leaking from the engine down through the engine well onto the running board pipe, collecting there on the pipe and causing it to rust. As I felt underneath that pipe, I can clearly tell that all the rust is on the underside of the pipe and it runs along the entire length of the pipe but is most severe in two spots (one of which is the pic I posted).
I've also suspected for a while that the engine is leaking coolant and that at some point I will need to get a new set of head gaskets but I did not think the leak was sever enough.
My questions are: could cooling fluid be the culprit considering this is happening on the passenger side? Could there be another cause? Is my theory sound or am I off base? Thanks in advance for you help and let me know if I can provide additional info.
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