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Speedometer stopped working

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1999 Disco series 2 auto. I did get a scan and was p0500 which is speed sensor. Did some ongoing interweb work a turns out the sensor seems to be inside trans? I do have a new one from a import parts shop ( new) said they would even refund too if not correct part. I did have 2 scans done with same code. I have read a few treads on here and 1 shows inside meaning drain and drop pan and replace. That is feasible...speedo worked just fine. Drove trough car wash and later that day speedo stopped. Doubt wash had anything to do with it. Any and all help I would be greatful, thanks! If I put in will speedo just go back to normal? Never had a problem with this Disco, bought a very well taken care of Disco and want my speedo back.:drive:
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60 views and not 1 repley...hummmm. I have asked same question on other forums and still not much on any direction....maybe if I asked what oil to use I would get some help. Could anyone direct me to a part of this site or thread that can help me out? Isn't this what these forums are for? Don't mean to sound brash, but come on....I even talked to local dealer and they were lost! Is it that hard?:dunno:
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