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I have a 2004 land rover discovery with 80,000 miles. First let me apologize if this is already a thread however I couldn't find it if it exists. I am a bmw guy and am new to land rovers. Just moved to New Mexico with my brother who is now stationed at White Sands missile range. Desert offloading in my front yard!

When I put it into reverse, the sport mode light and manual mode light flash simultaneously on the dash. They will continue flashing until I restart the car. While they are flashing the car drives fine. In addition if I start the car in Neutral and then switch to drive the lights never come on. Only when in reverse. Also I can pass reverse and they wont come on its only when i put it into and then drive in reverse.

At first I was told by land rover of Nashville that this could be the result of the battery being the incorrect size. I replaced the battery with the correct model and still have the issue. Was also told it could be the neutral safety switch/xyz switch. I have no problem replacing said switch, just want to get some opinions from seasoned veterans.
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