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Hi all,

I've been lurking here for awhile and have benefited from a lot of the issues I've read here. I also have the Rave manual and use the search tool a lot. I have a 2004 Disco II SE7.

So here's my situation, and I appreciate any help. I slid on some ice back a few months ago and banged the curb hard enough to bust the rims and pop the tires on the driver's side. After a once over, in all my great wisdom I decided to replace the tires and rims instead of calling the insurance company. What's the worst that could happen?!

Currently, I'm leaking power steering fluid from behind the front, left tire and steering box. I'm power-washing everything this weekend to see if I can spot where the leaks originate and hope to see some loose connections. I'm just adding the dex-III until I can get to it.

My major mystery seems to be the chirping from the left rear hub. After searching the forums and thinking it might be the drive shaft. I alternated putting each end up on jack stands this weekend, disconnected the transfer and rotated wheels first to check the drive shafts. It is definitely coming from the rear. I pulled the wheels and brake assemblies off to see if I could pinpoint the sound and it doesn't sound like it's coming from the drive shaft at all but does sound like the hub itself. I started down the road of just replacing parts but stopped after replacing the rotor. So, the only thing I have done is replace the rear rotor thinking it might've been warped in the accident. Now I'm not sure where to go. If it's a bad bearing would it create the sort of constant, loud, rotating chirp sound?

I remember seeing a video someone had on the forums and their disco was making the same noise but I can't seem to find it now.

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First, never put ATF in your power steering system, it takes P/S fluid only.
If your hub is squeaking and you didn't bend an axle, then you will have to replace the hub.
Paul Grant has a great price on a guaranteed used one, his number is below or spend around $400 for a new one, me, I would go used and make sure you replace the rubber o-ring between the hub and the axle tube.
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