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I have an 09 LR2 and for the most part I love it.
Problem 1
I've recently replace the battery and thank goodness none of the problems that some have had. My problem is some times after you start the engine after about 2 minutes the battery light comes on. This is with all accessories on, some on, and all off. To solve this just turn the car off and turn it back on, sometimes you have to do this a couple times or hold the RPMs up to about a grand for about two or three minutes. When that light is off its charging fine 14.5V

Problem 2
I have a squeaking under the hood that sounds like a belt, but the squeak doesn't change with different RPM. Now get this the squeak continues for about a minute after the engine is shut off, and I checked the electric fans are both off.

I'm a 22 year vet and have been a mechanic since I was a kid. Even though it was all Air Force and Army crap, still a mechanic.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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