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Squeaking back windows

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The back windows that slides open squeaks. The rubbers seems to be old. Any idea on how to stop the squeaking.
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well, I replaced all the rubbers, and the squeeze came again :D
THen the lock was loose, I believed that that was the problem, and fixed it, but the squeeze came again and the lock is loose again. :mad:

So now my Td5 has almost 5 years and the only way that I could stop the sueeze was to place a small piece of rubber between the glasses!

If you find what else can we do..........................
My landrover is a 1998 variant and the windows at the back don't squeak (well i never heard them) however that's probably because I have the radio up full blast

squeaks are normally caused by something binding and tight

not loose which would cause Rattling

have you manually slid them back and forth to find if they bind anywere???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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