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Stalling & Poor Leeds Dealer Service

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Hi All hope you're all well,
so our car has an issue. It stalls often, especially when cold. If we turn the radio on and heating on full soon as we get in that seems to affect it and it struggles to move when you press the accelerator, then when we turn these off it's like the car gets more power to drive. It's only first thing in morning first time being used.

I think it's been building for 12 months plus now as I mentioned it seemed sluggish last year. It stalled 2 weeks ago as I was on a main busy junction. It's like when you first start up after overnight being parked it struggles to power all the stuff like radio, heater and car, we'd put it in reverse to go out the drive and nothing would happen when you put your foot down. It's stalled a dozen times in the past 3 months mainly in the morning when first started after an overnight.

So we booked it into Vertu in Leeds last month as we pay £100 a month for the official warranty. They cancelled night before other week so we had to re-arrange our plans etc as it's a good hours drive. So we finally get it in this week after complaining as they said it would be 2 months and the car stalled on a junction so kind of dangerous with kids in the car, we dropped it off last night.

Today I get a vehicle health check video which we can't hear and seems to just go over all things not what we sent it in for.

Then we have a call saying to find the fault the tests would cost £1,400 and they would not know if this would find the fault or if it's under the warranty we pay for. Have to say I do feel they are taking the pee a little and seem out for as much as they can for the sake of it. Before it went in last year for a window check and we get call saying needs new brake oil and tracking. I just think it's very suspicious.

Looking at reviews they seem to be very very poor and I do question the validity of what they say. Surely they would have an idea on the issue rather then just run loads of tests to hope to get lucky.
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Do not let them get away with it. LR corporate is coming down hard on poorly performing/low-customer-satisfaction dealer service centers. Call them back, be polite but firm in that you have a factory warranty, you're not paying anything outside what's required per the warranty T&Cs - and make sure you know chapter and verse and give that to them as part of the conversation. If they give you any grief, straight to LR Customer Relations Centre.

If you still don't get satisfaction - this is where social media is very helpful. At least here in the US, a well-written, fact-based, calmly-worded negative public review and some strategically-tagged, similarly-calmly-worded posts on social media seem to awaken corporate interest quite keenly, and generally in a "the customer is always right" direction.
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