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Andrew1002 said:
any body help with a starting problem, my 1996 300tdi auto has just started to not turn over or start when its covered about twenty miles! leave it to cool down and no problem at all very strange![/

Hi here in the states we don't see many diesel landrovers i am guessing your
outside the US . From what i know about diesels is that they are fuel sensitive
and unlike older diesel injection systems that were mechanicaly operated
the 300tdi is is computer controlled, there are a lot of fuel related sensors
in that engine. Your having a hot start problem ,i would try to check the
fuel temp sensor ,coolant temp sensor,injection timing sensor and so on.

GOOD LUCK; Wanna trade for petrol v8 that gets 11-12 mpg nyuk nyuk
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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