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Air suspension is a crucial component of any vehicle, and is responsible not only for ride quality and comfort, but also for handling on the road. If your air shock began to leak or you're just feeling they are not doing their job like they used to, don't wait for anything bad to happen – replace them with Bilstein B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorbers and leave all your worries behind!

Designed to replace the original air suspension system, they restore original ride characteristics and provide excellent comfort and handling performance. Manufactured to the highest OEM quality standards, Bilstein B4 Series Shocks feature proven Bilstein gas-pressure technology provides maximum traction, precise handling and safety. They respond to driving conditions in milliseconds for instant adaptivity and ensure optimal functionality of your Range Rover in any driving conditions. Another great benefit of B4 Series shocks is installation – they are designed to fit directly into the original connectors on the vehicle, ensuring modification-free installation and restoration of the original feel of your ride.

This video will show you how it works:

Bilstein® - B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorber

Read more about Bilstein at CARiD:

Bring your suspension back to life with Bilstein B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorbers at CARiD!
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