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Steering Arm Needed in Brisbane Aust

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My steering arm (track rod assy)"fell out" the other day and bent thanks to a missing nut sending me off down the road with no steering, lucky I was not on the highway. I am after a good spare parts dealer in Brisbane Aust hopefully you forum surfers know of one, I have had a look and they are asking for about 77 pounds on the net. With the Aussie $ being around 3 to 1 I am looking at a bit of money.

Any help appreciated!


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Hi Trendy. A good place to look is in the yellow pages under Motor Replacement Parts or Motor Wreckers and look for anyone dealing in Land Rover parts. There are a few here in Sydney, so there should be some in Brisbane. You will be able to get just about any part/s, for virtually any model from these people. If you do not succeed, get back to me and I'll give you some Sydney phone numbers.
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