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In need of a steering box for my 98 D1
If you're buying a used one don't pay a lot. You can have one rebuilt by places like Meridian in CA for about $250 plus shipping and core. At least that way you'll get a box that won't leak, with a warranty and, in the case of Meridian, an improved mainshaft seal.

I'd question anyone who tells you they have a used non-leaking box. Unless they have a receipt for a recent rebuild or replacement, any box that's over five or six years old is going to weep a bit. Anything much older will likely leak. The fact is, this steering box is an awful design. I owned a brand new Range Rover that had weeping box before the warranty on the truck was out.

I gave up on selling used boxes a long time ago. Right now, whatever I have winds up going overseas where left hand drive boxes are needed as cores for rebuilding. The demand for converting right hand drive to left hand drive has created a market for these steering boxes regardless of their condition.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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