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Steering Dampener Replacement

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Steering Damper Replacement

I am going to be getting a new steering damper and alignment within the next few weeks. My 95' LWB still has the EAS - functioning fine. I was wondering if I should replace anything else ( shocks) while I get the damper installed? I still have the facotry shocks and was thinking of replacing them with Bilsteins. Didn't want to mess with the EAS until I have too, then will most likely convert to springs.
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I have Bilsteins on my '95 LWB and they work great. If the shocks are shot, replace em.. if they are fine, leave em alone. It will be cheaper to do it when you do the EAS, otherwise you have to pay extra labor now and then again when you do the EAS conversion.

1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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