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Steering Dampener Replacement

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Steering Damper Replacement

I am going to be getting a new steering damper and alignment within the next few weeks. My 95' LWB still has the EAS - functioning fine. I was wondering if I should replace anything else ( shocks) while I get the damper installed? I still have the facotry shocks and was thinking of replacing them with Bilsteins. Didn't want to mess with the EAS until I have too, then will most likely convert to springs.
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AdrianL said:
Why you are replacing the steering damper on your 95? What are the symptoms you get or do you visually see the shock leaking?
I have 95 LWB and I am thinking of replacing mine because it is loose over a bump and steers all over when driving.
Adrian - the symptoms aren't visible. When I'm driving on the highway and hit a bump, the steering wheel vibrates for a few seconds. Only happens at higher speeds, lower speeds not noticeable. I figured it was the damper?
OME Damper w/ shipping $78 - Atlantic British

Just put on an Old Man Emu damper (15 minutes of labor) and got an alignment done. Considerable improvement - no more steering wheel vibrations over bumps at high speeds. The OME was recommended to me over the Bilstein. So far, so good.....
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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