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Hey all,

Trying to get my steering damper off my 95 Disco When I put the socket on it the damper spins?? What can I do to get this off??The damper is shot and rubber bushings are all crap . Thanks


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Same thing happened to me :shifty: this..

Get a hold of one of these,

Adjust it so you can grip the damper itself, but also so that the 2 handles come close together so you can grip it tight.

I wasn't able to use a socket wrench on the RH side (passenger side) because a part of the frame didnt allow me to stick the socket-wrench in. I used a regular wrench. When you have the Arc-Joint plier in place and the wrench, start to untighten the nut while pushing the plier and the damper in the opposite direction. Make sure you dont put so much force in that when the nut comes loose your hand goes flyin into a part of the frame and get cut. I bought the OME (Old Man Emu) damper and I had to reuse 2 of the little rings on each side...the ones with the little spout. Good Luck Bud! Happy wrenchin! :wave:
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