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I am new to both this forum and Landrover ownership so I hope someone may be able to help.
I recently purchased an ex BAOR (LHD) Late Series II Ambulance, I would say the only one here in New Zealand, although there are a couple of ex British army Rovers around the country, including a SWB Series II, a 101 Forward Control and a Lightweight.

My Problem is that the steering is very Arm Strong in its nature, by process of elimination we have found that its a stuck (as in very stuck) right hand king pin and we cannot see an easy way off removing it.
The only way I can see is to use screw drivers and other wedges to prise out the pin, so far this has resulted in about a quarter of an inch movement, more will be possible with a bigger hammer.

Does any one know off a better way of doing this, without removing the entire front dif etc from the vehicle???

Also I would love to here from any other Rover Ambulance owners.



Kevin Frethey
Auckland, New Zealand
1972 Series IIA Ambulance (BAOR)
1939 GMC
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