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steering faults

G'Day Kevin,

When you say "king pin" do you mean the top & bottom swivel housing bearings? The bearing supports are held in with 4 bolts,usually with locking tags. Drop off the tie rod end, do this by removing the split pin & nut and give the housing where the tie rod fits a good belt with a hammer, the tie rod should pop out. With the tie rod off you should be able to feel the condition of the bearings, dose it feel notchy when you swivel left to right? To do the repair properly you will have to strip the swivel hub down. The pre load on the bearings is achived by shims under the top & bottom bearing posts keep these in order as you will need them when re fitting new bearings. The posts should lift out with little resistance, If the studs are still in place try locking two nuts togeather on the stud & remove the studs from the housing. remember to remove the wiper seal off the back of the swivel housing. The bearing supports will only require lifting about 1 1/2 inch in the old money to remove. If you kneed any more advice give me a private Email and i can give you what info you req.

Regards Mark,
Latrobe valley

P.S. Your cricket team dosn't stand a chanch this summer. :wave:
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