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Steering Relay/Idler Stuck in chassis

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I am having to replace the steering relay on mine and it is stuck solid the chassis doesn't look too corroded.

My friend is doing the work and he has tried jacking it off the idler to get it out then hitting the chassis down, etc.

Has anyone had the same trouble he says he is going to have to cut the chassis to get it out, and weld the new one in has anyone else had to do this?

Any tips, help, advise greatly appreciated :bawling: .
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Hmmm, so far I have destroyed an 8 ton jack trying to get mine out. I had been soaking it daily with penetrating oil, but luck has not favoured me as of yet. I think I am going to weld up a new fixture to hold a 10 ton jack into place. I hate to hit it with heat, but that may be the only way to go.
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