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Steering Relay/Idler Stuck in chassis

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I am having to replace the steering relay on mine and it is stuck solid the chassis doesn't look too corroded.

My friend is doing the work and he has tried jacking it off the idler to get it out then hitting the chassis down, etc.

Has anyone had the same trouble he says he is going to have to cut the chassis to get it out, and weld the new one in has anyone else had to do this?

Any tips, help, advise greatly appreciated :bawling: .
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Sounds completely normal. Perversely, having bought a new relay for my rebuild (new chassis), the relay slipped straight out of my old, holed, rusty chassis (all extremities, including dumbirons, had been replaced). No seized or even stiff bolts, no bashing with a hammer, heat or levering; it just lifted straight out! Of course, had I planned to re-use the relay, things would have been different...

Stage 1; spray a liberal amount of penetrating oil around the top and bottom of the relay and let it soak over night.
Stage2; use a crow bar to lever the relay bolt flanges away from the top of the cross-member.
Stage 3; use a blow torch to heat (not cut) the cross-member's relay locating hole, then, while still warm, bash the underside of the relay with a big hammer.
Stage 4; swear, curse and go to stage 1!
I'm glad not to hear of any injury! The internal sping is under a great deal of compression - you're lucky no-one got hurt when you cut the relay in half!

Well done though. Sounds like a hell of a tough bugger. Like I said, it's sods law that mine slid out with no effort at all, given that I wasn't using it in the new chassis (I was just after the lower retaining collar, but decided to take the whole thing out as an excercise in curiosity).
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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