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I just purchased a 2003 Range Rover HSE and have been going through the paces of fixing all the normal problems that seem to affect most RR's. I have got to the stereo portion of my TODO list and am at a cross roads on which way to go.

Starting from the beginning the stereo display comes on and the "Orange Light" is solid lit on the display itself. Everything seems to be functioning on the display but still NO SOUND.

I then searched for water damage in the rear that i guess is a normal problem. But i see no evidence of any water damage.

While i was in the back i noticed that there were some plugs that were laying around that did not seem to have anything to plug into. Maybe i am missing some hardware? Does anybody know if i am missing needed hardware? These are the pictures of the plugs in question.

This one has 1 black wire going to it and is hanging next to the grounding block

This seems to be apart of the RING system and is laying on top of the Navigation unit. The navigation unit has its RING wire plugged into it already.

Another RING cable. This one sits next to the radio unit.

The first plug in question and it was sitting next to the silver amplifier.

The second plug in question and it was also sitting next to the silver amplifier.

Now for the interesting stuff. I dont believe i have DSP but am unsure. I see nothing on the screen regarding DSP. As mentioned the Orange Light is on solid on the screen. I decided to unlplug the amplifiers and then turn the stereo on and replug them in 1 at a time. I started by plugging in the BLACK amplifier and i got sound! Although i had to turn the radio all the way up and barely can make out the sound but there is sound! Here is the amplifier i am talking about.

I then left the BLACK amplifier plugged in and started to plug in the SILVER amplifier "Plug 1 which i believe supplies power to the subwoofer" I heard the subwoofer make a noise while i was inserting the plug. This made no change to the volume and i am still getting very little sound out of the front speakers. Here is a picture of the plug in question.

Lastly i plugged in the 2nd plug into the SILVER amplifier. When i plugged this plug in i got confirmation by the rear speakers making a noise "like the subwoofer noted above" and then everything goes quiet. I lose the little bit of sound i was getting with the volume all the way up. Here is a picture of the plug that i am talking about.

I have read that its a common problem with the amplifiers going out but i am unsure if that is my problem or not. I am willing to purchase a good working used amplifier but i am unsure at this point which amplifier i need or if i need both? I also dont know if i am missing some other hardware in the RING loop and maybe that is causing my problems? Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


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It sounds similar to a problem I had. I am not the one who figured this out. I wish I had his name. In the back of the car behind the paneling you will find the amp, the disc changer, etc. Locate the Bluetooth unit. It will have 2 infrared wires going to it. Pull those 2 wire out. Then get a straw or something similar and cut it in half. Now take those two wires and stick them into the straw, one at each end. Push them all the way in the straw. It's not necessary for the wires to touch each other as long as they are close. This is what fixed my stereo. I guess the Bluetooth system fails and the stereo won't work unless you bypass it. Everyone said it would cost $2000. All it cost me was a soda and I got 2 straws. I know it sounds crazy but it worked for me. Good luck
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