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Anyone have advice on how to stiffen the steering on a 1990 RR? The only option I can think of is to remove the belt for the steering pump. I really don't want to work-out my forearms that much, even though it'd be nice at interstate speeds. I currently have an OME steering damper and Sychron tires (came with vehicle). Steering seems squirrely at higher speeds, especially in the ruts on I-5.

Any thoughts?


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Have you adjusted the backlash in the steering box?

This is clipped from the workshop manual... sorry could not get the pic up.

NOTE: The condition of adjustment which must
be checked is one of minimum backlash without
overtightness when the wheels are in the
straight-ahead position.
1. Jack up the front of the vehicle until the
wheels are clear of the ground and support
the chassis with axle stands.
WARNING: It is essential that the wheels are
chocked, the parking brake applied, and low
range selected with differential lock engaged
2. Gently rock the steering wheel about the
straight-ahead position to obtain the ‘feel’ of
the backlash present. This backlash must not
be more than 9.5mm (0.375 in).
3. Continue the rocking action while an assistant
slowly tightens the steering box adjuster screw
after loosening the locknut until the steering
wheel movement is reduced to 9.5mm (0.375
in) maximum.
4. Tighten the locknut,. then turn the steering
wheel from lock to lock and check that no
excessive tightness exists at any point.
5. Lower the vehicle to ground level and remove
the wheel chocks.
6. Road test the vehicle. .:

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Thanks Kevin. :wave: Guess I'll buy the Shop Manual, it seems to have the majority of the answers I need.

Thanks again,
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