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Strange Air Suspension Issues

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It has been quite a while since I have been on this forum but in the past I have had great luck finding answers to my questions here. So of course I thought I would try this again.

About 3 years ago I had to replace the drivers side front air shock. It was losing air with a loud hiss and obviously needed to be replaced. I was told I needed to do both fronts to be on the "safe side" but I didn't. If it ain't broke...don't fix it right? lol Well...

Now to my current problem. The passengers side has started to give me issues but on a very "intermittent" basis. Which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. The first I noticed any problems was about 3 days ago when the car started pulling hard to the right. After a few seconds of confusion I could tell the vehicle was listing. When I stopped and got out of the vehicle it was obviously listing and that the passenger air shock had deflated. I got in the car...lowered it with no problem...brought it back to mid height and it seemed fine. (note when I got out of the car there was no hissing sound or any obvious leaking sound as there was when I had to replace the air strut previously on the drivers side).

When I got the car home it started listing again when I drove into my driveway. So I drove it into my garage. Lowered it again then lifted it to the top height level. I turned the car out...still no leaking sound. And I left it over night. It was still at the top level height with no listing when I viewed it the next morning! I drove the car around during the day...had no problems. Then took it out last problems. Got it home no problems. Then went back into the garage last's listing on the passengers front again! WTF? I got in the car...turned it leveled out and went to bed and this morning its fine...not listing.

To me this doesn't seem like a leak. Otherwise it would just always be listing after sitting for a while...especially at top height. Is there some sort of sensor for that side of the car that could be going bad? Any ideas?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

My vehicle is a 2004 HSE L322 with only 63K miles. And I DID do an exhaustive search but didn't find anyone having an issue quite like this.
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There is a height sensor on each wheel. It could be failing. Not too expensive to get fixed. But, it sounds like your air suspension air valve block might be goin out. This can get pricey to fix. Tough to pinpoint without a diagnostic review. G'luck!

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I had the same thing happenig and, indeed, it was not a leak. it was not the sensor neither nor the valve block but turned out to be the computer. Reset the heights and everything was OK again. It sporadically returned and I swapped computer, no more listing. And you know what, it was my right, passenger, side also!
Thanks guys, I am hoping its not the computer "brain" for the system as I had that replaced under warranty a few years ago. The vehicle is also not throwing any codes ( I forgot to say that in my first post) and there are no readings like "suspension inactive" like was happening when I had to replace the computer.

Is there any way to diagnose if it is a sensor without taking it to an expert?
Neither did mine give any error codes on the dash, that why I thought at first it was an airbag. I made a turn to the left and all of the sdden the rightfrontside dropped.
Naturally I do ave a P38, and for the P38 there is a simple, and cheap, utilty which allows you to configure your suspension using a simple laptop. Unfortunately I do not know of such a thing for the L322.
I would say; swap sensors with another wheel on a temporary basis, as you car will probable list slightly since they are not calibrated for that corner. Also scribe the exact position of the original sensor so that you are able to put it exactly in the same position.
If you sill have the problem at the same corner, then this eliminetes the sensor. If the problem follows the sensor, then you have the culprit.
Sorry I coulnt help more and good luck
Here is a thought. Is there any way these issues could be caused by a bad battery? My battery had to be replaced today. I had to jump it a few days ago before these listing issues started. Since I have replaced the battery (just today) issues with the level. Just a question... You never
Well there is a thought. Trying to start the car with a "flat" battery could have pushed the voltage so low, next to nothing, if the starter starts to "clatter" and this could have confused and/or altered the settings stored in the suspension computer. Same, but the inverse, a spike in voltage with jump starting.
I personally would start with the swap sensor scenario, if this does not help, try swapping the suspension computer, does not have to be a new one for that. (or try to borrow one, they are easy to swap.)
Good luck
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