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Hello Everyone,

For about a year or so I've been having an issue with the locks on my Rover. I have remote locks, which is really nice, and they used to work fine. However, one day when I locked the Rover, all doors locked as normal (blinking lights, etc), then they all unlocked and the alarm went off.

This really hasn't changed in the past long time. For a short window of time it functioned as it used to a few months back, but I've just given up.

Now that I live in a city, I've had my car broken into about 4 or 5 times since I moved down here in early June. Granted I never keep anything of value, it's annoying to come out in the morning and see my doors slightly ajar and my things have been gone through. So far the only things that have been taken are a phone charger and a neon pink 3' auxiliary cable (I'm not even kidding, someone thought it was worth taking these). The worst was when we had a big nasty rain storm and the thief left all of my doors wide open so I came out to find my Rover filled with puddles.

Right now, the only way I can fully lock my Rover is:
1. Sit in the passenger seat and lean over to the driver's door. Push and hold down the driver's door lock, wait for it to attempt to come back up before releasing.
2. Push down the driver's side rear door lock.
3. Push down the passenger side rear door lock.
4. Get out and lock the passenger door with the key from the outside.
5. Go to the back and lock it with a key.
And now the Rover is fully locked.

So all the locks work and everything, but can anyone explain why my power lock activate, then unlock, and set off the car alarm? Could this be related to my rear hatch mechanism being so hideously corroded that I have to do the badge pop out trick to make it latch again?

For the Bonus Exhaust Question: My CEL is on and the code was something about the engine running rich. A few weeks later, I hear a bumping on the bottom of my Rover when I go over bumps. Turns out my exhaust had rusted through right around the rear axle. I ripped it out as it was toast anyway. Now when I start my Rover when it's cold, it has a funky idle for a little while (20 seconds?) before it levels out and is good to go. Is this strange idle my Rover trying to get comfortable when it realizes it's missing the back pressure from the muffler? If I try and drive away before it's ready, it sort of bucks like a Bronco until I push in the clutch all the way or give it a fair amount of gas to get through it. (My truck is a 5 speed by the way). This does not seem to happen when the truck is warm. The problem has slowly gotten worse and now it likes to be revved at about 1500RPM when I start it cold for a few seconds before it comes to a nice idle.

Sorry for the double questions and long post, but I wanted to provide all the info I could. Thanks!
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