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I have 110,000 miles on this vehicle. Issue that just started a week ago on and off is when driving on the highway at speeds of 55 -75mph for distances of 20 to 40 miles before it occurs. The Navigation screen and radio suddenly turns on off and on. Sometimes it happens just a few times, then does it continuously without stopping prohibiting me from listening to the radio or using the Navigation screen. Here are something’s I noticed as well while this occurred.

 The Park brake light turns on for a split second and turns off, when this occurs I feel like the truck turns off or misfires where I barely notice. The Navigation screen and radio turn off as well. At the time this all occurred, I was using the heat, windshield wipers, Navigation and radio. Does this sound like a battery issue to you? I changed it about 2 to 3 years ago.

I have no check engine light indicating a problem. When I drive locally on city roads, I don’t have this issue. It usually occurs after 20 to 40 miles of continuous driving. Does anyone have any suggestions or know the exact problems?

Dealer checked my battery, 12.47V and 554 Cold Crank Amps, they said it was fine. They also said no codes in my system. They are basically stumped. They want to try and duplicate the issue, which I actually recorded. The dealer doesn't sound to promising.

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