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Hello all, happy to be here with my "new" 2008 LR2.

The most odd events happened today, so I hope someone out there has some insight.

I was happily driving along today, car was running great, no odd noises... stopped at an auto shop to change all three wipers. Get back in the car, cycle the wipers to make sure the blades wouldn't fly off...

Now I have a new sound. Behind the instrument cluster, and more specifically (I think) underneath the dash by the pedals and near the pollen filter, I have a sound that sounds like *whir-whir-click*, then silence, then 2 seconds later *whir-whir-click*.

At first I thought maybe the wiper relay was still running, however all wipers work fine in all settings. The sound ONLY goes away when I turn the climate control completely off. I've read other threads talking about the recirc. motor can go wacky, but turning recirc on and off does nothing. The only thing that makes the sound go away is when the climate system is completely off or if I shut the car down completely. I've tried full a/c, full heat, changing air vent positions, etc. Nothing... only goes away with climate off or engine off.

I also may be crazy, but it seems like when the whir-whir-click is going, the air out the vents isn't quite as cold as it should be with a/c on full blast, and once the sound stops, it seems like colder air until the sound starts again.

Please help, I cannot figure out what the hell is going on. I thought about bringing it to LR tomorrow for their best guess, but I don't want to pay $500+ for something stupid. :confused:confused
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