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ANY Suggestions? 97 Disco SE7

Also, the new "LR" Lugs are $25 a piece. I found an all steel set on expedition exchange for $40 for 20 of them. They are made for the steel rim but will they work on the stock rim that I have?

Also another thought I had was to cut the aluminum cap away from the lugs to get to the actual nut and try it that way. Suggestions?


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I had mine replaced by the guys that stripped them.....ouch (for them)! $20/lug.

If you cant do that and must pay yourself, here are new ones at;

$179 for 20.....about $9/lug

Or you could cut the caps off your old ones. Those caps are just on for decoration for the most part.....if you use a die grinder or similar you could just cut them off and then the lugs would turn into 26mm or would be the cheapest way, and would prevent them from being stripped again.
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