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Suggestions wanted for 99 Disco I

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Suggestions wanted for upgrading/modifying 99 Disco I

I just purchased a 1999 Discovery I, nicknamed Red Rover. Any suggestions on what to do first? It has a lift kit installed already, but I was wondering what modifications to make, and how much I can expect to pay for them. I'd like to find out what will give me the most bang for my buck. I'm not planning any serious off roading yet, but want to make the Rover look really good, and possibly increase gas mileage. Any advice welcomed, thanks! :rellye
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KN Filter

In another thread, I read that the KN lets a lot of junk in, is this true? Does anyone else have any experience with these types of filters?
Good feedback

Well, I'll definitely keep that in mind with the KN filter. As for the plethora of options available, I'm definitely aware of that, as well as it being a matter of preference. What I'm looking for isn't what the best things are, but more, what will stretch the dollar the furthest in upgrading the vehicle. For instance, putting in a new stereo system isn't really a priority, and could cost hundreds to thousands. I'm wanting to know what's the best choice to do first, tires? upgraded suspension? outside enhancements? (such as brush guard, new grille, etc.) I just don't have a lot of ideas on how much everything costs, and what I should start with. Any suggestions on what kind of spark plugs also? I read somewhere that fuel performance can be improved by changing the air filter and spark plugs. I'm getting about 15-16mpg as it is right now, just city and highway driving.
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What kind of plugs are you getting? How did you choose?
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