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Suggestions wanted for 99 Disco I

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Suggestions wanted for upgrading/modifying 99 Disco I

I just purchased a 1999 Discovery I, nicknamed Red Rover. Any suggestions on what to do first? It has a lift kit installed already, but I was wondering what modifications to make, and how much I can expect to pay for them. I'd like to find out what will give me the most bang for my buck. I'm not planning any serious off roading yet, but want to make the Rover look really good, and possibly increase gas mileage. Any advice welcomed, thanks! :rellye
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cnieri, in response to the post in "various problems w/ my Disco", you may just have a weak spring in one of your brake sets. The Discoverys' have a great and easy to service brake caliper system, so just make sure that next time you replace your brake pads to replace the hardware (springs & pins) also. It may also be a slightly loose wheel bearing, as your brakes may be pulling it back into alignment when you press on the pedal, Check to see when the wheel bearings were last repacked, and check to see if thay need it again. If your Discovery is lifted, keep an eye on your driveshafts. They don't take extreme angles well, especially the rear if it has the rubber "Roto-flex" coupling. I replaced mine with a u-joint driveshaft a couple years ago, and it was money well spent. Another mod that I really like is the larger D2 style cup holders. Very nice for keeping your large beverages from spilling. Get the deluxe, two color ones with the removable inserts for best results & you can store your graphite tube for the ignition lock lube process handy, within reach of the steering wheel! Cheers & Congrats! LRW :clap:
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