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Noise from perhaps the A pillars?

Before you start adjusting, are you certain the noise is from the sunroof?

It probably is but I suggest you take some black 3M +33 Electrical tape, 3/4" wide and tape the sunroof gap on all four sides and drive about for a few days or so.

If you still hear the noise, then tape the black plastic of both A pillar covers on the edge between the glass and the plastic. You can also do the bottom where the cowl plastic sort of meets the glass of the windscreen and also along the top edge just to reduce the possible sources of wind noise.

In my case, I had wind noise from both, the sun roof and the A pillars.

If the noise is the sun roof, the first step to adjusting your sunroof is sort of the auto adjust.

That is with the engine running to make lots of electricity, cycle the sunroof once just so that you know it is closed as well as it would normally be.

Then with the roof closed, press and hold the switch in the forward position.

After about 30 seconds with the switch held forward, the sunroof should cycle all by itself, so let go of the switch. The Self Cycle is supposed to mean that the sunroof will open and close and perhaps reset the closed position to something better.

Drive around for a few days again.

If there is still noise, then open sunroof partly so it lifts, and note two Phillips screws on each side in the sort of vertical metal that holds the glass to the mechanism. You loosen the screws and fool around - I suggest you do one side at a time or both fronts and then both rears sort of.

Ignore the cracked plastic tracks you will discover up there - it does not matter - all 3's have the cracks, or will have them.
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