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Sunroof Leak?

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I have a 2005 LR3 HSE...just recently whenever I wash the truck or it rains there is a wet spot by the rear view mirror and by the sun visor. Gets bad enough to where it may drip sometimes. Water is leaking from somewhere. Anybody with a similar problem or know what's causing this. The sun roof seems to seal fine when I view from top of truck. Seal around the windshield maybe? Is this from the sunroof leaking somehow?
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I have the same problem on my 03 Discovery, WTF I thought first time I drove it while raining
Your drain tubes are plugged. This happens on all LR3's and Sport models.

Water will catch in roof lining around sunroof controls.

I had drain plugs replaced at dealer last year. It cost approx. $300.00

Some people have suggested blasting air through them but this can cause serious problems as it can cause more leaks inside vehicle.

There are many threads about this on this forum and a lot of others. If you search you will find lots of info. on how to fix this. There is another thread going right now with some specifics.
I just purchased a Land Rover LR3 2006 on Craigslist. One of the issues was the clogged sunroof drain. Found out how good the door seals work. Open the door after an all night down poor, to what seemed like Niagara Falls coming from the inside. I inspected the two front sunroof drain hoses, checked for any damage. The hoses are in excellent condition. The problem was on the right side of LR3 as the front passenger and rear right, was where the water was located, left side was dry. While replacing the break pads and rotters I took the splash guards off exposing the sunroof drains. The only drain that is not behind the splash guard, is the one located on right front behind air intake grill. I did notice that behind that grill there is a peace of rubber that could have caused a clog. I did use an air chuck connected to a compressor and aired the lines out. We just had a good down poor today and everything seems dry so far.
You're going to now want to dry out your wire connections running along the sill on the passenger side; checking for any corrosion at the connections.
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