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I am aware of the several posts concerning sunroof operations, and I have read quite a few without finding anything that pertains to mine (at least is seems so), so here is another post with a question
The glass moves forward and backwards with no problem except that the back end will not rise up to be flush with the roof. Ok, so far, so "good".
I took the glass out, an easy job once I figured out the four star screws have a horizontal orientation and are covered by a thin piece of plastic the dealer wants $12 for the left side and $38 for the right side---neither the parts man or I could figure out why the price difference, but there it is---they are not "a couple" of bucks each.....
The front screw carriers move back and forth with 'authority and so does the rear carrier ( the one with the shark fin attached). but here is something that does not make sense: the mechanism that raises the "fin: works smoothly by hand, but when the roof is closed electrically. the fin shuttle moved forward until the rise in the track and then becomes "disconnected" and can be moved forwards and backwards by hand as if loose. I have no idea why it does this.A cable seems to enter the track about halfway between the shuttles but i am afraid to remove the two screws that holds it in place for fear of messing something up.
Please help, without referring me to RAVE. I have gone that route and read all the sections under sunroof with no new insight. If photos are a help I will be happy to send them individually to members, but i am not sure how to post as of yet.
Thank you,

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