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Sunroof woes

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All summer the roof has been fine, last night, i got to lower it as it was tilted up and it was raining. I looked up a few minutes later to notice it never went down. I had the stereo up loud so i hadn't noticed. I listened closely and when you hit the button the motor runs, I got it to go down, tried sliding it back, and it moves a smidge and then almost sounds like its "slipping" on the cable or something? it would probably go if i helped it but I dont want to get it stuck open so I didn't try.

Any ideas? Is it possible to get the headliner stuff off without taking the whole interior headliner out, or is that waht I'm going to have to do?
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Dave, did the random metal bit you removed look like a flimsy thin metal clip? if so it is probably one of the retainers for the sunshade panel. loosing 1 of these is no biggee. if you lose more though the shade panel can come off track. i'd just be careful opening and closing that panel manually, try not to push up on it.
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