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Suspension Fault Alarm

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Hi Folks,

I got a suspension Fault alarm on my 2005 LR3. The air suspension didnt collapse but i noticed that the truck no feels smooth when passing over speed btrakers . I'll be grateful if i can be guided to look in the right direction. My mechanic mentioned that it was the Airpump filter which he said required changing. However he passed this judgement without reading the codes so i thought i should seek another opinion.

Many thanks for your insight and comments on this.
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That hard feel going over bumps is also possibly related to the control arms and it's bushing are gone
Thanks @SafariDave, please clarify, is the control arm the same as the lower arm?
if its different, can i replace its bushings , or do i have to change the entire arm (assuming a new control arm will come complete with bushings.
You can replace the bushings but changing out the lower arms is less in labour and a bunch of other things which probably are as worn out get replaced at the same time. It's what I chose...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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