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Suspension Lift Options

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I want to lift my SIIA Diesel for the minimum amount of cash, is it possible and how hard is it to do a spring over axle like a toyota hilux where the springs sit on top of the axle instead of hang underneath.

All info gratefully received, what are the pitfalls?

TA! :clap:
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Hmm, while a spring over might be's not as easy as just doing'll need custom driveshafts, new brake lines, some kind of fabricating for the ubolt/spring plate setup...
And what's that gonna get you, another 2-3 inches of instability?

I'd say just put parabolics on it and be custom fab work needed and if your tires are skinny enough, as they should be, plenty of articulation.

If you really need another inch or so after that...consider some extended shackles...but I'd still be concerned about the propshafts and brake lines...

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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