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Sand fan!!
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I've just brought an 2002 Land Rover Discovery II with bad Automatic transmission!!

It doesn't move any direction with little move backwards.

the ZF4HP22EH gearbox cost 500usd here ... and I find a Range Rover P38 gearbox in the junk yard for about 150USD !! ... why not to try!

here is the complete trans:

different mount :

Different selector switch :



Removing the Transfer box:

The output shaft is 4cm shorter for the 22:

The Body of 24 is 1.5cm taller:



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hp24 into disco 2 or defender v8

1: is there an easy way of drilling the hole in the end of the 4hp24 output shaft or doesnt it matter too much? do i take it to an engine shop or do I just give it a crack with the battery drill?
2: does the 4hp24 and lt230 fit back into a disco 2 ok or defender with its extra 15mm length or is there enough adjustment in the engine and gearbox mounts?

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great pics and info!

Something to think about... will the Disco 2 XYZ switch mount onto the P38 auto box? I know for certain each XYZ switch is wired differently for each model... P38 4-wire connector vs. D2's 10-wire connector.
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