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Switching a D2 to manual using a D1 pedal plate.

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I got a steal of a deal at the local junk yard! I was just going to get some sensors and a body panel and I found a '96 with a manual transmission. I pulled it and it's in my storage place. I got the r380 trans, Transfer box, Clutch master and slave cylinder, flywheel, clutch, pedals, and brake booster and cylinder. Has anyone done this yet? It looks like the plates for the pedals should match but I may have to do a little drilling. If it is way out of whack then I'll just do the swap in my 94, but I'd rather set it into my D2 and swap a diesel. I already have the diesel...
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Someone has swapped a D2 from auto to manual. There was a post on discoweb or pirate. I don't remember where. It was actually a 4.6 which is supposed to be too much engine for the R380, but they said it worked ok.

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There is one for sale on ebay right now that has been converted. Not sure i would pay that much for it.
Land Rover Discovery HSE Sport Utility 4 Door | eBay
I agree, that is maybe a $15000 vehicle.
sure is sexy
Yes it is. I heard the ventilated disk brakes arent wanted off road because mud and such can get in there?
That is not true, I have run DBA slotted and drilled rotors for over 110,000 miles and have never had an issue with them in mud.
The only issue I can see with drilled and slotted rotors is maybe a rock gettin in the holes and chewing up your pads
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