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Swivel Balls

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94 discovery 171K and the time has come to replace the swivel balls. Both have a lot of corrosion/ leaks and for about a year I have just been adding swivel grease to it and it has helped but it seems like something I should fix before things get worse.

Has anyone had any experience doing this type of repair? I would say I have moderate mechanical abilities and weekends to do all the work. I have got a quote from JC British in denver but I would have to wait about 2 to 3 months at least to come up with the dough. with labor and parts they want roughly $1900

Any suggestions are welcome
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There is a great 2 part video doing this on a defender, same as disco, shows a tech walking a owner through the repair
I know it's not helping but how often would this be expected to be done? Is your 170K mi an average lifespan for these? I would have thought they'd go longer than that, generally...
Or you can just repair the swivel balls.
Land Rover FAQ - Repair & Maintenance - Series - Drivetrain - Swivel Ball Repair
I know people who did it using blue epoxy paint 10-15 years ago and they are still looking good.
Thanks for all the info. I checked out the video and it does relieve some of my anxieties. The JB fix sounds intriguing and may be the direction I go depending on this years tax return. I will post pictures if I decide to paint/weld them.
Rodewaryer- from what I have gathered it seems like they will corrode faster or slower depending on where you live (moisture) and where you drive. If yours is showing signs of rust I recommend introducing the grease land rover makes specifically for the swivel balls as a temporary fix.
No biggie, the mechanic in the video states the originals are chrome, replacements are Teflon coated

Now we have these on the old military vehicles I own and if it is just a bad seal it can be replaced without total tear down, trick is to unbolt the seal and cut it off the non the new seal cut it, install seal with cut at 12 o clock , I have done this and never got water in or grease leaking out for Years now, we also make our own lube, 50/50 mix of bearing grease and 80w/90
i replaced my swivel balls... they are the same on a rover and a disco.... i used ones from a 96... they were clean...
was easy enough...
i used this link...
the cost was low...for the balls....and got seals from atlantic british
Yep, same thing I seem to find on all Rover forums.
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